Should Content Marketers Create New Content or Optimize Existing Webpages?

Should your SEO initiatives be the main emphasis of producing new content or upgrading current content?

Most digital marketing experts at digital marketing Virginia Beach firms suggest you should split your SEO efforts equally between producing new material and upgrading older information.

This is why.

  • Sites gain their domain authority and worth over some period.
  • Your website’s content may continue to be pertinent for many years.
  • Webpages that are already posted for some time have likely gathered links and prominence. That dramatically increases the page’s authority and value.
  • That implies that those web pages may still show in results pages for the current searches your intended audience uses.

Older information might still be high quality and relevant.

Other kinds of outdated content can only hold up if it is reckoned as “evergreen” and current.

Any specific website may eventually have a large number of out-of-date pages.

A website where 1/3rd of the articles are old and contain stale material could not be trusted by Google. You should consider deleting obsolete content if your rivals are posting content on current subjects.

You may review your previous content quickly and decide for yourself. Did the content rank on Page 1 of SERPs when it was first published years ago? And is it now on Page 2 or lower?

Usually, a content update can return it to Page 1.

Over time, everyday items lose value. If neglected, websites ultimately deteriorate and lose their usefulness. But when regularly updated, they continue to be valuable assets.

It can take 8 hours for excellent work to design, research, plan, write, edit, and optimize a webpage and include engagement elements like graphics and video. The expense of such time is considerable.

You have two options: dismiss it and go on, or keep updating it. 

What does Google think about outdated content?

Google advises investing effort in website maintenance to guarantee quality:


A low-quality website may have become outdated or neglected. This is particularly true for sites that might affect a person’s health, wealth, etc. A website that provides erroneous information is just of low quality. Based on your subject matter, you might need to regularly upgrade your web pages only to keep the information current.

What to do? 

A content audit is a must!

A site content audit will be essential to prioritizing updating outdated pages besides developing new pages for your SEO campaign.

A content audit detects your website’s weak and ineffective content so you can strengthen it.

You may collect all the information required to comprehend the content on your site using analytical tools and software. The best part, most of these tools are readily available at an affordable price.

After assembling all the necessary information, you will categorize your pages and their content into three groups. People who:

  • Receive the most inbound traffic and SERP rankings.
  • Have the capability to receive more traffic and higher rankings.
  • None of those categories apply to them, and they do poorly.

Once you have the information, you may concentrate on enhancing the first two categories’ content.

Now, decide what will happen to the pages that are not performing well. 

Some websites could require content updates, while others might require optimization. Additionally, some web pages could just need a 301 redirect to an updated URL on a similar topic.

The key to optimize content is to keep it updated.

The appeal of SEO is that your webpages gradually gain value as a consequence of exposure and links. Therefore, the fantastic effort you put into them may keep bringing in visitors and, ideally, money.

However, your focus should be on keeping your website updated and relevant.

Therefore, to improve your content-focused SEO campaign, divide your work equally between developing new web pages and updating existing ones. Getting a grasp on your website’s obsolete pages may be a major undertaking. Content developers for Virginia beach IT companies should schedule content updates regularly.

As part of your content development process, identify current pages associated with each new page and update or combine them as necessary.